Available Services

Service Name

  •  Algos / automation for trading strategies

  • ​ Python Language coding

  •  Fund raising, automation & infra management for systematic traders

Service Name

  • Multi-client execution systems for PMS

  •  Custom risk monitoring and management systems

  •  Trading systems for FX, Commodities & Crypto

Service Name

  • Options multi-leg executions with delta hedging

  •  Directional trading algos enhanced by market impact optimizations

  •  Arbitrage, scalping & pair trading algos

Service Name

  •  Infrastructure, hardware & software platforms

  •  Setting up DMA, DSA, FIX & sponsored access systems

  •  Algo compliance & regulations

Service Name

  •  Specialized Option Greek, IV, skew scanners

  •  Customized price action triggers and alerts

Service Name

  •  Building in-house teams

  •  Risk management systems

  •  Latency optimizations


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