Chartink to Tradetron

How about a fully automated platform that doesn't require any software, any data feeds and any VPS. Just your mobile is enough to access a fully automated trading platform with Investgineer. You just need to log in every day to your account from our Mobile trading bot and update your capital. That's it, the bot will place entry, target, and stop-loss for you automatically.


Required minimum capital 

 Since the trading segment is a cash market, you can do this fully automated trading system with capital as low as Rs.3,00,000



Its an intraday mean reversion trading strategy, that scans Indices every second and looks for high probability trades, the moment it finds one, it places the order instantly along with Target and Stoploss. Since its completely based on volatility in markets, it doesn't generate trades every day, thus saving a lot of money in transaction costs.


Subscription Fee

It is 20% profit sharing / month, Please use this link to subscribe to the fully automated bot 



  • Am Interested, what is the process to get started?

You need to subscribe to the bot using the payment link mentioned above and it works only with AliceBlue broker, doesn't support other brokers. A new trading account has to be opened, You can use this link to open a trading account with Aliceblue. Once your trading account is activated, your trading ID will be mapped to our algorithm and we could start live trading in your account.


  • Do you have any lock-in period?

There is no lock-in period, you can withdraw your funds/profits whenever you want, as all transactions happen in your own account.


  • Is there anything I need to do or monitor?

It is a fully automatic algorithm, all trades triggered by the algorithm will be directly placed into your trading account automatically, and there is no manual intervention required from your side. 


  • How do I keep track of my funds?

You can log in to the app/web portal any time, and keep track of your fund value, trade details, profit & loss statement, everything gets updated on daily basis and you will be notified daily about the trading activity in your account.